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Scientific Papers & Publications

As a water resources researcher, Rick Hogeboom has published in several international, high-impact journals on various topics in the water research field. His publications range from technical water footprint related topics and assesments for developing countries, to more economically focused publications for investors worldwide. In addition, Rick has been featured in several other articles and interviews, the links to which can be found under Media.

Schyns, J. F., Hoekstra, A. Y., Booij, M. J., Hogeboom, R. J., & Mekonnen, M. M. (2019); Limits to the world’s green water resources for food, feed, fiber, timber, and bioenergy. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2019),

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van Ginkel, K. C. H., Hoekstra, A. Y., Buurman, J., & Hogeboom, R. J.; Urban Water Security Dashboard: systems approach to characterizing the water security of cities. Journal of water resources planning and management (2018), 144(12), [04018075]

Hogeboom, R. J., Kamphuis, I., & Hoekstra, A. Y.; Water sustainability of investors: Development and application of an assessment framework. Journal of cleaner production (2018), 202, 642-648.

Trogrlić, R.Š., Cumiskey, L., Triyanti, A. et al.; Science and Technology Networks: A Helping Hand to Boost Implementation of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015–2030?; Int J Disaster Risk Sci (2017) 8: 100

Hogeboom, R.J.; Hoekstra, A.Y. Water and Land Footprints and Economic Productivity as Factors in Local Crop Choice: The Case of Silk in Malawi. Water (2017), 9: 802

Hogeboom, R.H.J., van Oel, P.R., Krol, M.S. et al.; Modelling the Influence of Groundwater Abstractions on the Water Level of Lake Naivasha, Kenya Under Data-Scarce Conditions; Water Resources Management (2015) 29: 4447

van Oel, P.R., Mulatu, D.W., Odongo, V.O. et al.; The Effects of Groundwater and Surface Water Use on Total Water Availability and Implications for Water Management: the Case of Lake Naivasha Kenya; Water Resources Management (2013) 27: 3477