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Rick Hogeboom has been featured in several articles and media. A list of which can be found below. In addition, Rick has also published in several international, high-impact journals on various topics in the water research field. The list with links to these scientific papers can be found Scientific Papers


Rick has a passion for water. Young and energetic, Rick aims to foster and facilitate science-based, practical and inclusive water stewardship whenever and wherever he can. Always with a big smile. Water is so precious – we cannot go without it for more than a couple days – yet the way we use and misuse it is gravely underexposed. In his TED talk, Rick will try to share his passion for water, his quest for enlightenment, and inspire you to become good water stewards yourselves.

Speaking in a very engaging style with a solid base of knowing the subject inside out. Rick is a true ambassador of creating awareness about our waterfootprint in a way we all can change what we do. Rick is a speaker who can make the subject clear, without making you ‘wrong’ and him just ‘right’. Rick is a living example of bridging different worlds, and opening up our minds by real stories.

Nienke van Bezooijen

International speaker's mentor for speaking with impact, TEDxspeakercoach

20 questions about water

In this interview with, Rick discusses simple ways to save water. ‘20 Questions about Water’ is a project that ’20 Questions to the World’ runs in collaboration with Nestlé Waters to help everyone better understanding the main water challenges in the world.


In this interview for Klokhuis, a well-known children’s programme on Dutch National television, Rick talks about the water footprint, and what it is all about.

Studium Generale Lecture

In this lecture for Studium Generale at the University of Twente, Rick speaks about “Invisible water: our waterfootprint” (in Dutch). Join him is this hour-and-a-half video explaining the waterfootprint concept.

In the Press

Stern; Äthiopien flutet riesigen Staudamm aus Nil-Wasser: Werden Wasserkriege zunehmen?; 2020

Water Europe; New Water Footprint Assessment Tool is Online; 2020

De slag om het drinkwater; 2020

the Circonomist; Water footprint applied in industry; 2019

Interview for NRC; De watervoetafdruk vertelt niet het heel verhaal; 2019

Webinar for Ceres; Assessing Water Sustainability in Investors’ Decision-Making; 2019

Article for Duurzaam Actueel; Regenwater is schaarser dan ooit. UT luidt noodklok; 2019

Article for Transform; The shape of water; 2019

Article for Global Cause; Investors today can avert the water crises of tomorrow; 2019

Interview for ’20 Questions about Water’; “What are ways to save water?”; 2019

Interview in KJZZ radioshow; “Intel promises to restore 100 percent of its global water use – what does it mean?”; 2018

Interview 1Twente radioshow; on a Studium Generale lecture I gave that day; 2018, Sep 11

Article in Environmental Finance; “Water sustainability is investor ‘blind spot’, study suggests”; 2018

Interview PensioenPro; “Grootste pensioenfondsen lopen achter met esg-beleid over watergebruik”; 2018

Interview in H20; Geld als water: waterduurzaamheid van Nederlandse investeerders onder de loep; 2018

Editorial in Water & Sanitation Campaign magazine MediaPlanet“Investors today can avert water crises of tomorrow”, 2018

TED-talk at TEDxTwenteU; “Your Water Footprint Revealed”; 2018

Article in Science Trends; “Thirsty Reservoirs – The Water Footprint of Hydroelectric Dam Construction”; 2018

International radio interview for the Scholar’s Circle; “Water rights, scarcity and water use in perspective” – by Prof. dr. Maria Armoudian; 2018

Interview in World Finance; “The threat of water scarcity looms large”; 2017

Interview for Microsoft Cloud; “Zonder de Microsoft Cloud was ons onderzoek niet gelukt” (“Without the use of Microsoft Cloud, our research would have failed); 2017

Interview for “Natuur, Wetenschap & Techniek” (Nature, Science & Engineering), on behalf of Werkgroep Ontwikkelings Technieken (WOT, a group devoted to developing low-tech solutions for developing countries); 2009

Interview for One World for Werkgroep Ontwikkelings Technieken (WOT, University of Twente); “How do you build an inexpensive water pump”; 2009

“We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.” – Thomas Fuller

News on

Interview UToday; “Reep chocolade: 17.000 liter water”; 2018, Sep 12

Press release; “Weinig aandacht voor waterduurzaamheid Nederlandse investeerders”; 2018, Sep 3

Republished by in both Dutch and English

Article in UToday; “Als het aan mij ligt gaan we door met InspireU”; 2018, Aug 28

Interview in Promovabel UT Magazine; “Promotieonderzoek naar relatie waterschaarste en consumptie”; 2018, Jul 1

Interview in UToday; “TEDxTwenteU: Your Water Footprint Revealed”; 2018, May 1


We are looking to fill several Intern/MS/PhD/Postdoc positions to work on an exciting interdisciplinary project related to sustainable groundwater governance! This NSF project ( will integrate environmental and social sciences... 1/3 RickHightree photo

Hello world! I'll be recruiting a grad student to lead some crop/water use modeling to better understand #social and #environmental aspects of #groundwater conservation programs. Start date in first half of 2022.

Will post more info soon but feel free to reach out if interested!
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Just out! For a case in the NL-GE #Vecht catchment we find <1% of #antibiotics administered reach surface waters, although some VAs accumulate in soil potentially creating environmental and human health risks @UTwente @Vechtstromen @ProvOverijssel

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Join us at the Delft International Conference on Sociohydrology 6-8 September 2021| Great outlet for new scientific work on #waterfootprint #virtualwater and more 💧💧💧. Abstract submission deadline is July 10th ➡️ @ihedelft @wrmtudelft @CNDS_Sweden

Sociohydrology Conference 6-8 Sept 2021, Delft

Scholarships available for early stage researchers, PhD students and postdocs with a special focus on the interplay between physical, technical & social processes
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